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Say goodbye to modern chats, which do not respect your privacy.

99.9% Uptime

Orixon’s infrastructure is based on more than 15 dedicated servers located around the world to ensure uptime and speed for anyone in the world.

Does a server go down for maintenance? No problem, a buffer server located in the geographic area of interest is ready to replace the missing server.

No data-mining

We do not do data mining. All of our users connect in total anonymity, and we do not sell the little data we collect (essential to provide some services) for personal return.


Our Team is multi-ethnic, you will always find a native speaker ready to help you. All our services are multi-language.

24/ Customer Support

A support team of 20+ active members is ready to help you 24/7/365 with any of your problems.


Meet some of our Magic Tools


Orixon Analytics

User’s privacy should never be compromissed by analytics software. Track your website’s visitors in real-time, without storing any personal information, cookies, or fingerprinting them.

  • Privacy focused web tracking
  • Realtime reports
  • Build with the future in mind

SEO Health Checker

Manage your SEO projects in a new way. Be more efficient by focusing on what metters, trough our productivity focused reports. Enhance your toolbox with a large variety of web tools and utilities.


URL Shortner

Personalize your audience experience with the country, platoform, language or trough link rotation feature. Learn more about your users with our advanced statistics insights.


Orixon Cloud

Create your own low-cost web space. We will provide you with a website totally designed by us, SEO-oriented and ready for monetization.


Discover the highlights of Orixon

We're dreamers

And our infrastructure reflects our being dreamers. All our servers, they are named as planets, satellites, constellations.

More than 30 servers scattered around the world ensure stability and low latency for our users.

100% Anonymous

Security and respect for privacy is EVERYTHING to us. Our users are not tracked, no logs are kept. No trace remains.


In our own small way, we do everything for the environment. Our servers are hosted by 100% eco-friendly Datacenters. Every month, we plant trees through Treedom around the world. 


Trusted by thousands in 15+ countries.

Chat services, whether text, voice and/or video, are used daily by thousands of users worldwide. 

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