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Network Rules

Network Rules

1) It's a privilege to use our services, not a right. So, IRC Opers can temporarily or permanently withdraw your network access, With or without a reason.

2) Sanctions may be: kill, G-Line, NickServ/ChanServ suspension (temporary or permanent).

3) Upon connection, Orixon reserves the right to check your connection to prevent proxies usage. If you don't agree, please stop using this services and disconnect. The use of certain connections may result in an automatic K-Line at the connection.

4) Everything that will break the following rules or international and national laws will ALWAYS result in a permanent ban from the network and, up to network administration decision, also may be reported to competent law enforcement agencies.


1) You are required to deal with respect the Staff and the Orixon users.

2) If you are disturbed in a channel and you do not have sufficient privileges to ban the user, ask an operator to remove the user. If there are no Operators online, you can simply ignore it.

3) If you come further disturbed, you can report the user to network staff on #support.


1) Everyone is free to register up to 10 channels, however network staff has the right to prohibit the registration of a channel or close it.

2) Network staff won't interferer with channels management. Every channel staff can have it's own rules (if them respect network ones), and users must follow also them.

3) It's allowed to advertise your own channel in other channels, with the authorization of channel's owners.

4) Channel about something prohibited in point §1.4 will be closed and the registrar will be suspended from the use of our services.

5) It's allowed to register channels with +18 topics, with network staff authorization. Those channels must have channel mode +s (/mode <#channel> +s ) and ChanServ's PRIVATE option set; otherwise them will be forcefully set by staff. This channels cannot be advertised.


1) Bot and multiple connections are allowed up to a limit of 4 simultaneous connections from a single IP.

2) Bots created only to disturb or to increase the number of users of a channel, will be banned to the detection.

3) Botnets are strictly forbidden.

4) If you are looking for more than 4 simultaneous connections for a specific purpose, you can contact network staff at


1) It's strictly forbidden to evade a ban.

2) If someone escaped to a ban, ask him to stop. If him keep evading it, please contact network staff at #support.

3) A reiterated violation of a ban may end in a network ban of the user, while a violation of a network ban will increase its duration.


1) Every user has the right to request a custom vHost for his account.

2) We won't consider requests for accounts registered within 30 days, and new request for user who have already an active vHost requested within 60 days.

3) In order to be approved the vHost must follow some simple rules:

3.1) it cannot be offensive;

3.2) it cannot contain the name of, or refer to, a channel about point §3.5;

3.3) it cannot be a real resolvable host or a real IP ( will be okay, not);

3.4) it cannot refer to politics or to anything against point §1.4;

3.5) it cannot contain the word "orixon" or the domain "".

4) Projects vHost can be requested by the project founder only. If the user has a project vHost, any other requests will be declined.

5) Multiple requests may lead to a removal of the vHost and the impossibility to get a new one, temporarily or permanently.


1) Staff nicknames are protected. This means, that if you use one of these nicks, your nick might be forcibly changed by network staff.

2) Network staff will interpret these rules if there is ambiguity about how to apply them to the situation.

3) The violation of these rules may be reported to network staff in the #support channel. Every report will be kept confidential.

4) Network administration reserves the right to edit these rules at any time, with or without any advice. It's up to the user to regularly check them for any change.

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