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Orixon no longer accepts server link requests

Dear users,
for years now we have been reluctant to accept link requests forwarded to us.
Since Orixon was born, we have always preferred to use dedicated servers and, in some rare cases, VPSs, as long as they met certain minimum hardware requirements and were protected by an appropriate anti DDoS network. This decision was made from a desire to ensure continuity to the project and chat experience, without having our users experience, unpleasant netsplits in the middle of a conversation.
So far Orixon has as many as 8 dedicated servers, reserved for chat use only and with only ircd installed. They are all OVH servers, or at most SoYouStart, so beneficiaries of the OVHcloud group‘s famous and well-tested anti-DDoS network.

Although we were reluctant, in the application form, until this morning, the option to apply for “Server Admin” was available, which was to make a server available to the network, and the server owner would receive an O-Line to better manage his server. As of today, after a discussion with members of the Orixon Administrative Oversight Board, it has been decided to permanently revoke the ability for anyone to link their own server on Orixon.

This decision, is the result of the fact that in addition to wanting to ensure stability and low latencies with geo-located servers around the world, we are no longer intent on providing O-Lines, thus oper access, to the “first comer”.

We have recently reorganized our organizational chart, eliminating the position of “Server Admin” entirely, as, from our point of view, it is no longer an appropriate position for Orixon’s needs.

All servers are owned by Orixon Group, and only under certain circumstances, we may consider accepting link requests from sponsors, but this will not guarantee access as an IRC Operator.

We believe that this decision, can only benefit Orixon’s users, as Orixon itself can guarantee 100% on the quality and uninterrupted service of its services.

We wish you a good continuation on Orixon Network!

Kind regards,
Orixon Team

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