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New partnership: Orixon x

Dear users,

today is an important day for us and the people at Opensource Chat.
Orixon Group always has an extra eye for young dreamers, and whenever we can, we always extend a helping hand to concretize what we think is a good idea.

We have been helping the guys at Opensource Chat structure their project for months now, and finally, we feel we can announce publicly the collaboration between Orixon and is a project that perfectly matches our core ideas.

About Opensource Chat:

This is a new project, closely related to the FOSS (Free and open-source software) world. Their idea is to provide FOSS communities with the opportunity to find a unique common point where they can freely collaborate, having the possibility to maintain privacy or, if they prefer, to be able to collaborate barefaced!

Why did they choose Orixon?

Months ago they contacted us for help in developing a creative formula, which was essential for them to provide as unique a service as possible.
They asked us for help, in particular, in developing new technologies to improve the experience on IRC, and we were excited about the request and worked to help them.

Halfway through the collaboration period, they expressed the desire to align with us, asking if it was possible to provide a server for Orixon Chat Systems and allow their users to make use of our well-established infrastructure. We immediately agreed because we enjoyed working with them and would like to gradually strengthen this fantastic collaboration.

For the first time, Orixon will host a server that does not use the traditional syntax adopted over the years (>planet-name< but rather ““. We firmly believe it is right, indeed, essential, to safeguard and highlight the identity of projects that choose to trust Orixon and our team.

Will Orixon manage Opensource Chat users?

Yes and no. The network rules are the same (Opensource Chat has decided to adopt our identical regulations) to avoid any confusion. However, Opensource Chat has decided to establish a dedicated support team for issues closely related to Opensource Chat.

What does this mean?

Nothing complex, don’t worry! The Orixon team will handle everything IRC-related, while the Opensource Chat team will provide support for everything strictly related to the Opensource Chat project.

You can distinguish the Orixon team from the Opensource Chat team through the vHost. The Orixon team will continue to use the classic format (, while the Opensource Chat team will use a different format: opensource/staff/nickname, for example, opensource/staff/sleepy. Speaking of which, “sleepy” is not a random nickname. He is the IRC administrator, currently the only one, of Opensource Chat, and you can find him on the #open channel (/join #open).

We don’t want to drag on any longer… we’ve already been too verbose!

We wish the best for Opensource Chat 🙂 Website:

Kind regards,

your Orixon Team

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