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New feature: iAuth

Dear users,

in order to promote active and engaging communities on Orixon, we will give the opportunity to owners of large channels/projects on Orixon Network, to apply for iAuth.
After activation, you will receive some extra features:

  • The limit of channels you can simultaneously access will be increased from 20 to 300;
  • Fake-lag will be decreased (you will be able to send messages faster);
  • You will get access to a private channel, in which you will get:
    • Continuous dialogue with the Orixon team (priority support);
    • Invited to test out new features we are going to implement;


In order to qualify for “large” or “active” channel, it has to satisfy the following conditions:

Large: 200 or more users with the vast majority of them being real users, i.e. not bots. “Vast majority” is up to the discretion of network team, but as a rule of thumb, it should be at least 90%.

Active: between 100-200 users with active chatting activity between real users, e.g. playing trivia with a trivia bot does not count. “Active” is up to the discretion of network team, we will have team member(s) observing in the channel.


iAuth will be revoked in the following conditions:

  • the user has broken any network rule, which includes sharing your iAuth with another user. It is your responsibility to keep your iAuth safe and private;
  • the user is no longer the channel’s founder. If you have dropped your nick, dropped the channel or transferred the channel’s foundership to another user, please notify a network team as soon as possible;
  • the channel is no longer large or active. Having periods of dropping below 200 users or inactivity does not immediately disqualify a channel, however such periods should be short and temporary. Periodic checks will be carried out by network team.

How to claim

Write a ticket to our Ticket System, if eligible. Your nick should be shown as founder in the channel’s information in ChanServ. Making false claims will result in being banned from the channel or even the network. If you have any question about this policy, join #support and we will answer your questions there.

Note: founders of existing large channels (as of the date of this post) do not need to make a claim; a network staff will approach you.

Kind regards,

your Orixon Team

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