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Security Update: Orixon BL 2.0

Dear Users,

today we are here to present you with another update related to security on Orixon Network.

As of today, the “Orixon BL” ban system exposed on THIS article has been refined and new features have been added. The features below are active since 1 week.

The key feature of OxnBL version 2.0 is “Discourage”. This feature allows us to discourage trolls and malicious (“recidivist”) users from perpetrating a certain type of behavior by simulating lag and random disconnections. We like to imagine this new feature, as a refinement of SHUN, offered by UnrealIRCd.

The users who are affected, as previously anticipated are:

  • Toxic users;
  • Recidive trolls;
  • Users who, consistently, evade bans.

Some statistics updated to date, 30/05/2024 on OxnBL:

  • Total false positives detected: 0.34% (previously 2.83%)
  • Attacks blocked from January 2024 to date: ~17.428
  • Automatic “Discouragement” measures set on individual users since OxnBL version 2.0 push: ~45
  • Automatic “Discouragement” measures set in TOTAL from the push of the OxnBL 2.0 version: ~373

We renew our thanks to Dragone2, member of the Administrative Oversight Board, Security Manager of Orixon Chat Systems, and editor of “Risposte Informatiche“, Italian website and blog providing free IT support.

Kind regards,
your Orixon Team

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