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Security enhancement

Dear Users,

as announced in the Update notes – OXN 2.1, we have been working hard to increase our range of actions that can be used to curb some malicious users.
Net of the recent events, in which we found ourselves facing a small coalition of 3-4 users intent only and only on disturbing, harassing and preventing a peaceful enjoyment of chat life, we found it necessary to put aside for a period of time almost everything we were already working on, in order to concentrate on the implementation of an additional ban system, much more effective and powerful than the systems already integrated and offered by UnrealIRCd.

We set up several functions, at different levels, all of which do a different job of monitoring, and tend to draw a 99.4% ascertained profile of the monitored user.
After as few as 2 hours of monitoring, we are able to proactively detect the malicious users and automatically sanction them, with practically zero false positive rate.

Some interesting data:

  • In 5 minutes of monitoring, the detection rate is: 97.243% – The false positive rate: 13.78%
  • In 2 hours of monitoring, the detection rate is: 99.997% – The false positive rate: 1.32%
  • In the last 2 weeks we tested this new security system, overall false positive detection rate: 2.83%
  • Attacks blocked in the last 2 weeks: ~1402

A big thank you goes to Dragone2, member of the Administrative Oversight Board and Security Manager of Orixon Chat Systems.

Kind regards,
your Orixon Team

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