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Update notes – OXN 2.1

Dear users,

we have recently updated Orixon, making some changes aimed at improving the quality of life.

Below are the update notes, schematically for ease of reading:

[UPD] UnrealIRCd has been updated to the latest version;
[QoL] Now it’s possible to join on more channels (15 -> 20);
[QoL] Now the limit of records in banlist is increased (100 -> 150);
[QoL] Now the limit of records in AKICK list is increased (120 -> 200);
[QoL] New IRCv3 standards compliant enhancements implemented;
[QoL] Added ‘/HELPOP EXTBANS’ in the listening of ‘/HELPOP’.

[UPD] Updated Anope to the latest version.

[NEW] New website has been released.

[SEC] Now ident, for those accessing from webchat, are encrypted;
[SEC] Now links sent via private chat, are filtered and sent only if whitelisted;
[QoL] Now you can register and identify yourself via GUI;
[QoL] Now mobile users are not disconnected if they put chat in the background;

[NEW] Orixon Analytics has been launched (;
[NEW] Orixon SEO Health has been launched (;
[NEW] Orixon URL Shortner has been launched (;

[NEW] We have developed new ban logics, finally managing to permanently remove the extremely disturbing elements (Read the dedicated article);
[NEW] We have reorganized the organization chart of Orixon Chat Systems.

That’s all for today! We wish you a happy continuation on Orixon Chat Systems.

Kind regards,
your Orixon Team

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